New World Phu Quoc Resort - Leading Family Resort - Official Video - 2021

New World Phu Quoc Resort

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Elegantly designed to reflect the charming island’s colorful culture and fishing heritage, New World Phu Quoc Resort consists of 375 stylish, thatched roof villas immersed in lush, extensive gardens that gently roll towards the white, picture-perfect sands of Khem Beach.
Situated at the Southern tip of Phu Quoc, the resort is a luxurious haven ideal for exploring the area’s numerous attractions while indulging in the slow pace of an elegant beach holiday. Whether exploring small, offshore deserted islands or visiting traditional villages and bustling fish markets, the island offers an incredible variety of activities for all types of travelers.
Each villa at New World Phu Quoc Resort is equipped with either 3 or 4 elegantly appointed bedrooms, spacious living areas, both indoors and outdoors, and a private pool.
Every corner of the resort is inspired by Phu Quoc’s verdant landscapes and colorful culture and cuisine. Traditional materials like bamboo, wood, and rattan are incorporated in the interior design of each area, while the green, meandering landscapes and cluster of villas resemble a charming fishing village, inviting relaxation and exploration in equal measure.
Experience a variety of culinary experiences in the comfort of four distinct gastronomic venues. At The Bay Kitchen, enjoy a diverse and sumptuous buffet for breakfast and local as well as western cuisines for lunch and dinner, elevated to perfection by our chefs. Lua Grill and Bar utilizes the art of wood, fire and charcoal cooking to entertain and dazzle with culinary specialties, from Vietnam and from all over Asia, all within the exciting atmosphere of the restaurant, where creative cuisine meets contemporary Vietnamese design. The Lounge is the perfect spot to relax or connect with family and friends savoring various beverages and a selection of wine and cocktails. Take a dive in our beautiful infinity pool facing the beach and relax at the nearby The Pool Bar to indulge in yummy, casual favorites along with skillfully crafted cocktails and refreshments.
The Resort’s stunning private beach is an ideal place for a variety of fun activities, water sports, or just simply lounging and enjoying the ocean’s cool embrace. Other recreational activities, including options like the vast infinity-edge outdoor swimming pools, the fitness center and studio and the Kid’s Club, offer a place for guests to explore and be entertained. Surrounded by natural landscapes and greenery, The Spa offers a diverse range of services and facilities that engage the senses and opens the gateway to tranquility and rejuvenation.

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